Saul Lyons Studio and Gallery

39 W. Bridge St.

New Hope, PA 18938

Saul Lyons Studio and Gallery is my working studio AND a gallery focusing on fine art created and curated by gay artists.   I feature visiting artists every month from all over the world.

Coming up we will be featuring “Flower Parade” by Susan Ottaviano. This is a new art exhibit with 40 deliciously named and devastatingly beautiful flora painted in Susan’s colorful and unique style. The show will be on view from October 5th to November 2nd. We will be having an opening on Saturday,, October 5th from 5-9 pm. Come and have drinks, snacks and see see the incredible work!


Currently we are showing the work of Tom Muscatello. The Opening reception is Saturday, August 17th at 5pm. The show runs from August 17th to September 9th. Tom’s colorful, expressionist work is calming and meditative, but also earthy and emotional. You get sucked into the world of each work. Here is a link to his Instagram account for more information -


Sidetracks Art Gallery and Saul Lyons Studio just co-sponsored a solo show by the incredibly talented Kou Shou from Macau. His work is truly some of the finest figurative drawing I have ever seen. Please visit for more information about his works or to buy prints.



Currently we are featuring new work from Dan Romer. It’s an excellent series of powerful, colorful collages and mixed media works on paper. The opening was our biggest one yet. Here are a couple of photos from the show:


For more information about Dan’s work, please go to

In May, John Augustine and I showed a series of works around the theme of renewal and spring. There was a lot of color from both of us. John’s pieces were wildly colorful and vibrant with a surprising darker edge to them. I stepped out of my comfort zone and painted new works in acrylic and new subjects including a series of animals. There was also an interactive piece for people to participate in…

Love = BLISS

Love = BLISS

This year the first artist we featured was Wayne Freitag. His work is erotic, masculine and very emotional. Very expressionistic, Wayne uses all kinds of paint roughly and loosely worked to create very sophisticated and poignant paintings. You can see more of his work at

His opening was March 2nd. The show ran for the whole month of March.


The last show in November 2018 in the space featured works by Ward Lamb. His work is a wonderful feast of colorful masculine energy. From mixed media works to simple line drawings, he creates depth in each piece. Some of my favorite pieces he showed combine elegant patterns with rough lines in the rich hues of old paperback covers from the 1940s and 50s.

More information about Ward can be found on his website:

Here are some photos of his work in the space:


Before that, the gallery featured John Riddle who is an exceptional charcoal and graphite artist, working with a variety of materials to create elegant, refined portraits. He captures movement and shading with simple brilliance:



Here are some examples of more work that has recently shown in the space:

John Augustine is a painter who creates very expressionistic works that are moody and evocative and often very fun.  Here is one of his works showing at the gallery:



Antoine Dutot's work is marquetry and it is so finely detailed and well done, I have a hard time imagining how he works!  Here is an example of his work:



Francesco Brunetti's works are beautiful illustrations of beautiful, ordinary and magical gay life with all its elations and disappointments.  His show featured 9 new works printed on paper. 

Francesco’s biggest passion is always been drawing and he always loved illustrating people, in particular, men. Indeed, his illustrations are about his idea of what male beauty is. He loves to invent characters and their stories: he imagines their lives, from their outer workings to their inner lives. There are a lot of  daily life situations he likes to represent, but his favorites are about couple's life: there's a lot of romanticism in his works and some situations are inspired by his personal experiences or simply imagined. Most of illustrations are a mix of reality and fantasy: the men are frequently naked, even in strange contexts like streets or shops. The nudity is used to represents a total freedom idea: the characters are free to express themselves without inhibitions and they can love whom they want in a complete liberty.

The works are a mix of analog and digital: the drawings are made on paper and the grays gradations with digital programs like Photoshop. 

Earlier in the year, we showed new watercolor and ink works by Tom Muscatello. Tom is a self-taught painter currently residing in Bloomfield, NJ. These works begin as watercolors from live models, exploring the immediacy and power of the male form. The addition and removal of black ink provides depth and complexity to the inherent sensuality of the original image.  The first time I saw his work I got so lot in the colors, it took me a minute to realize I was looking at a male form and then I just felt that warm, masculine presence so intensely...

The show was from June 29th to July 15th. Check out more of Tom's work on his Instagram Page Here.

TomMuscatelloPoster copy.jpg

In May, we featured wonderful new work by Dan Romer.   The very successful exhibition of his new works on paper, watercolors and collages ran from May 11 through June 4th.  Please check out his website:


Before that, we had the work of John Augustine showing for April.  He featured new works reminiscent of works from Vienna in the late 19th century and some very fun line drawings.  For more information, check out his website at

Below are some videos and photos of Saul Lyons Studio and Gallery and New Hope Arts.  New Hope Arts is a non-profit arts organization that holds many juried shows and promotes arts in our community.  They also house several private galleries, including mine.  In our complex which incorporates 2 buildings in the heart of New Hope, we have Sidetracks Art Gallery, 43 Canal Studio, USA Leather, Donna Lillo Stained Glass, The A Space Gallery, New Hope Arts' Curated Shows and Programs and my studio!  Every week we get many visitors and collectors from all over the world.  Also, every month we have art openings and receptions. Please email me if you have any questions at


This is me the day we opened the studio!!! I just got the sign up and the door open.

This is me the day we opened the studio!!! I just got the sign up and the door open.

This is me in the A Space, which is part of the New Hope Arts Building during my last big show there!

This is me in the A Space, which is part of the New Hope Arts Building during my last big show there!

A regular day at the gallery!

A regular day at the gallery!

My Work Desk

My Work Desk

A Special Visitor!!!

A Special Visitor!!!

Hanging a show

Hanging a show

Art Everywhere!

Art Everywhere!