Remember - Celebrate

Hi Everyone,

The gallery show is up!  It's at the "A" Space of the New Hope Arts Center in New Hope, PA.  The show is a mix of images focused on the celebration of the gay experience, growing up, dealing with strife, finding heroes, having romances and getting older.

As you walk in the door you pretty much get faced with this image right away, blown up to 24" X 36".


"Kiss" is, at first glance, a bold image of two men kissing.  But there's also almost a hand pulling the man on the right closer into the man on the left.  Like they are somehow welded together by emotion...

In the same room is another image of a hand pulling you in:


This one is called "Lean In" and to me illustrates that sense of surrender and protection and acceptance we all seek.  And sometimes get.  And even better, give...

The show also incorporates other things I've been working on, including drawings.  Here's one of Hedy Lamar, who is one of my heroes.


I'm also painting at special times in the gallery.  It's a challenge to work around people, but I have created a few new works including this one:


If you are in the New Hope area, or can come for a day from New York or Philadelphia or anywhere nearby, get in touch!  New Hope and Lambertville have a lot to offer - great shops and restaurants, museums, historical sites, bike pathways... pretty much everything that makes a place a great place to visit.

On Saturday, May 20th, we're going to have a party.  It's a day filled with Pride Activities.  There's a parade, an art walk and a lot of eating and shopping and celebrating to do- and we are going to add to the celebration with food and drinks at the New Hope Arts Center.  Please come by!!!    Here are all the details on location, and you can email me at for more information: